Poladay Teeth Whitening Kit

Custom made trays have been one of the preferred methods of at home whitening by dental professionals for many years now. Not only can you decide how white you want your teeth, but you can decide when you want them whiter, and always have a means to keep them maintained.

From 30 minutes once a day

The high viscosity, neutral pH tooth whitening gels ensure the greatest patient comfort. The unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content assist in reducing sensitivity. The formation of plaque and tooth decay is significantly reduced.

  • Fluoride releasing
  • Desensitizing agents
  • Neutral pH
  • Natural soother and conditioner
  • High water content
  • High molecular weight thickener
  • High viscosity
  • Pleasant taste


Kit contains:

  • Custom whitening trays
  • 4x Poladay 9.5% hydrogen peroxide tubes with 3 applications per tube
  • Tray container
  • Stone moulds (appointment needed to take these to fabricate trays)
  • Tailored whitening programme.
  • Carry bag with some goodies.