Plaque Disclosing Tablets

TePe PlaqSearch – shows you where you need to brush better.

To keep gums and teeth healthy, it is important to regularly remove plaque through tooth brushing and interdental cleaning, or the plaque may cause gum inflammation, cavities and bad breath. But plaque is difficult to see, so how can you tell if cleaning is effective enough? Using a disclosing tablet, which colours the plaque and is a quick and easy self-check method. The great advantage of TePe PlaqSearch is the two-tone effect – it shows both new and old plaque.

How to use TePe PlaqSearch:
Chew a PlaqSearch tablet after tooth brushing and interdental cleaning. Rinse your mouth. Now you can clearly see where plaque is left behind. New plaque is coloured red, while plaque older than 12 hours is coloured blue, which makes it obvious where brushing is repeatedly missed.

Warning: may stain clothing and upholstery