Curasept Chlorhexidine Gel

Curasept Chlorhexidine Gel

For thorough daily care under dentures as well as weekly care with implants, periodontitis and fixed tooth replacements. The targeted application of 0.5% CHX digluconate gel makes using a soft toothbrush or interdental brush easier. Alternatively, simply massage in with a finger.

Suitable for:

  • The prevention of inflammation by maintaining the health of the gingiva and the oral mucous membrane
  • Support during the therapy of patients with inflammation, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, periimplantitis or denture stomatitis
  • Those with increased bacteria counts

All Curasept chlorhexidine products are alcohol free, non staining and they will not affect your taste perception. 

Curasept gel is a free flowing 0.50% chlorhexidine gel.