CURAPROX CS 5460 Toothbrushes 4 Pack

CURAPROX CS 5460 Toothbrushes

  • So gentle, it must be right: the finest Curen® filaments
  • Efficient: densely packed Curen® filaments (not nylon)
  • Reaches every nook and cranny: compact, easy-to-angle head
  • Clean at the right angle: octagonal handle
  • Fine bristles that are just 0.1 millimetres across, and rounded at the ends.

Maybe it’s the cheerful colours. Red blue green yellow white baby pink black purple hot pink… Or maybe the colour combinations with the bristles? Or perhaps it’s the design – so clean, so direct, so chic? Or the fact it’s recommended by dental professionals all over the world? Because it feels so soft? For whatever reason you love our CS 5460: We’re glad (and your teeth and gums are bound to be too)

Brushing your teeth and caring for your gums too


CS 5460 comes in 50+ colour combinations, so if you have a preference please specify the colour you would like and we will try to accommodate that, otherwise we will pick an assortment of beautiful colour combo’s for you.