How often do you need to get your teeth cleaned? 
This greatly depends on the individual and how healthy your mouth, as well as how well you are doing with your home care. As a guideline most people will come twice a year. 

Is it painful?
You should always be comfortable when getting your teeth cleaned professionally. If the treatment is uncomfortable you need to let your hygienist know as there are methods and technologies available to prevent and reduce sensitivity. We always endeavor to create a relaxing pain free experience and can offer local anaesthetic if required. 

Is teeth whitening safe?
Yes! Teeth whitening under the supervision of a dental professional has long been regarded as safe and does not damage enamel or cause harm to your teeth and gums. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, has been safely used for many years in the treatment of bleaching teeth. Bleaching will not weaken existing fillings or cements either.

What causes discolouration?
The most common reasons for teeth to yellow or stain are:
Using tobacco, drinking certain liquids such as coffee, soft drinks, tea, red wine etc, and certain foods, as well as not taking good care of your teeth. Aging also causes teeth to be less bright as the enamel gets thinner and the dentin becomes darker. Genetics can also play a part (some people just have whiter teeth than others).

Intrinsic staining such as that from certain medications (eg: antibiotics, acne medication etc) can also cause teeth to discolour. It is possible for mild to moderate cases of tetracycline staining to be whitened although a certain level of commitment is required as this process can be slow.

How long does whitening last?
Your teeth will always be whiter than what they previously were, however teeth will become discoloured again through the consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, certain foods, smoking, and aging. Results from in-clinic whitening generally last 12-24 months. Although teeth do re-stain, it’s very easy to maintain a white smile for life by regular hygiene visits and the use of maintenance products. 

What are the side effects of whitening?
Everybody responds differently to whitening, and sensitivity is sometimes a temporary side effect. It is possible you may get some mild gum irritation with at home whitening, however if you follow our instructions the risks are minimized.   

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